How to build a garden without a lawn?

When you live in the south of France, when you don't want to be a slave to your garden, when you want to save water... There are plenty of reasons to defend the idea of ​​landscaping garden without grass. But in most people's minds, a lawnless garden is a stripped-down layout, a landscaped garden with something less. And yet! Developing a successful garden without an aesthetic and pleasant lawn is quite possible. Curious how to do it?


Laying out a garden without a lawn: the advantages

A garden without a lawn is a simple garden to maintain. You won't have to mow, weed or water abundantly. These chores are not part of maintaining a lawnless garden. Another advantage, if you still want to cover your soil with plants, there are many alternatives, and these require less water and maintenance time. We think in particular of plants called ground cover such as dwarf chamomile or Cynodon. These plants are ideal if your garden without lawn is important, because they know how to cover large spaces.

Garden without a lawn: our tips for setting it up properly

Maintenance -free doesn't mean doing nothing at all in your garden. You do not have a lawn of course, but you will nevertheless have to ensure that your vegetation grows correctly, without invading the different spaces created. To avoid these inconveniences, it is essential before moving on to planting to clearly define each space, to draw up a landscaping plan for your garden. In this way you can intelligently distribute the plants you want to incorporate into your lawnless garden: minerals, plants, shrubs, trees, ground cover.

To limit the vegetation, perhaps you also want to create a large terrace? Remember to place it on your plan, and create the vegetation from it.

Anyhow: even without a lawn you often need to hide some objects, like hatches etc. Here you can find out more about fake stones, one of the best options in this regard.

Which plants to choose for a garden without grass?

Depending on the nature of your soil, your tastes and the orientation of your land, the choice of possible plants is very wide. The best is to arrange each space with different plants. For example, why not select plants with varied flowering, so you can mix evergreens with succulents. It is the latter that we recommend when laying out a garden around the swimming pool . Your different spaces can be delimited by minerals or by the edges of a terrace.

Also consider the maintenance of each plant and shrub before selecting them. For example, to plant at the edge of the garden, we can think of oleander. Very persistent, as beautiful in hedges as in beds, it only needs one pruning per year. Bush roses are also very popular for landscaping a lawnless garden. They don't need watering or pruning, and will bring a sweet smell to your space.

Finally, a lawnless garden gives pride of place to relaxation areas. So focus on the layout of your terrace. In stone, wood or gravel, take care of its furnishings and decoration. The terrace will bring all the superb to your garden and your home.

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